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The Girl Next Door Pt 6

I think Roger looks much better now, since Tom, (His friend and I) have been taking him out more, he's much more confident and he's better than I am at walking in heels now, I think getting him to grow his hair longer helps too, he still has the prettiest eyes even without the over the top makeup he was wearing when we first met.
I must admit though he fought us (Tom and I) every step of the way, but I look at the results and I have to take most of the credit for his transformation into womanhood, we went to the mall today on the pretence that I was buying something for myself, but I made sure that everything I bought would fit Roger.
My brother is coming home from college today and I asked him if he would take "Emily out for a bite to eat, she, oh sorry I mean he, (I look at him sometimes and forget hes not a woman,) has no idea of my plan, but I think a night out wearing the clothes I bought for him is just the thing he needs before his parents come
:iconsfc78767:SFC78767 18 14
Payback 04 by TFed-Artist
Mature content
Payback 04 :icontfed-artist:TFed-Artist 617 11
Payback 03 by TFed-Artist
Mature content
Payback 03 :icontfed-artist:TFed-Artist 579 5
Payback 02 by TFed-Artist
Mature content
Payback 02 :icontfed-artist:TFed-Artist 558 7
Payback 01 by TFed-Artist Payback 01 :icontfed-artist:TFed-Artist 619 7
Transformaween Female Teenager
You are a female teenager, forced to babysit her neighbor while trick-or-treating. Luckily for you, the parents come to pick up the kids around 8, leaving you to your own devices. You look at the empty bag you brought along, just in case the kid wanted to hit more houses. You thought it might be fun to just trick-or-treat on the nearby street, as you had nothing better to do. The street was named "Changes Boulevard", which was a bizarre name in itself. What was even more bizarre was the houses. One house was decorated with fake plastic snakes, and another looked like a robot factory. One house even had cows on its front lawn! Which house do you trick-or-treat at?
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 4 24
Transformaween Poodle
Your nose started to shift, becoming smaller in the process. The color of your nose turned black, as your nostrils grew much larger. You fingers and toes twitched as they shrank. Your hands became much smaller, as did your feet. Rough pads formed on both your hands and feet, almost like the paws of an animal. Your hair started to become fluffier as it grew much longer. Your hair became poofier as your natural hair color became a light pink color. Tufts of matching pink hair started to form around your paws, as pink clouds of fluffy fur now dotted your arms and legs. Likewise, the fluffy pink fur covered your torso as well. Your whole body looked like it was covered in cotton-candy! The stringy fur caused several rips in your pants and legs.
Your face started to push out as your jaw made painful cracking sounds. A muzzle formed, completely changing the shape of your once-human face. Your body starts to shrink as your clothes become baggy. You shrink to an insane degree, and become very
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 5 9
Maid trap PT1
It was a day like any other, and I was minding my own business at home. I lived with my sister, whom was older than me. Being a curious youngster, I often sneak into her room to try her things on.
I had quite a small figure, so fitting into her stuff was an easy task, and of course, she would always come back to see me in my room and all her stuff untouched. I was quite the pro.
But this day things changed.
"I'm going out with my friends, you know the rules" My sister said.
"Yeah yeah. Stay inside the house, don't break anything, and of course..." She talked in unison with me "Don't touch your/my things".
"Alright, see ya in an hour or two" she said, and headed to the door. "Oh and stay away from my new dress. It was very expensive" She gave me the 'if you do you're dead' look, I just nodded and waited for the sound of her car engine slowly moving away, and waiting one more minute for good measure, before running to her room.
Man the place was awesome.
She had a smaller room because of
:iconmaxgluetg:MaxGlueTG 51 5
TG Cap: An Unusual Limo Ride: Commission by tgpuppet
Mature content
TG Cap: An Unusual Limo Ride: Commission :icontgpuppet:tgpuppet 91 4
What are We Doing in this Garden?
It had been quite a while since Jenny had been turned into a statue. Ever since that fateful day of jogging in the park, Jenny just stood there as a motionless figure in the young gorgon’s garden. Jenny had grown to accept her fate, and many more flowers had been added to the garden since the day she was turned to stone. She also became quite fond of Gretta, the now six year old gorgon who transformed her. Gretta took very good care of her garden and Jenny, and Jenny enjoyed seeing Gretta happily work so hard at it. Still, Jenny did feel pretty lonely from time to time.
            One day, Gretta and her mother went to the beach, and they returned with a new statue that was placed in Gretta’s garden. The statue was of a young girl, about sixteen years old, who had been turned to stone in her swimsuit.
            “Looks like I’m not the only one stuck i
:iconpatrickt173:PatrickT173 18 0
We Can Put Her Right in the Garden
It was a normal summer afternoon, and Jenny was taking a jog through the park. The seventeen year old girl enjoyed jogging because it allowed her to go outside, get some exercise, and just be alone with her thoughts. With her jog completed, she decided to stop at a park bench to rest and have a drink of water.
   “Boy, what a workout” she thought to herself.
Suddenly Jenny was approached by a little girl. The girl looked to be about five years old, and something seemed a bit odd about her hair.
   “Um, Excuse me ma’am” said the girl, sounding a bit shy “what’s your name?”
   “Oh” she responded “my name is Jenny, what’s yours?”
   “Gretta” said the girl.
   “That’s a nice name,” Jenny said “by the way, where’s your mom?”
   “She’s around.” Gretta answered “Hey, do you mind if I tr
:iconpatrickt173:PatrickT173 16 0
Pretty Eyes Dirty Mouth by AlexDahmer Pretty Eyes Dirty Mouth :iconalexdahmer:AlexDahmer 540 21 Rachel and Momiji webbed by BastionCon
Mature content
Rachel and Momiji webbed :iconbastioncon:BastionCon 66 4
All Webbed Up 1 by BastionCon
Mature content
All Webbed Up 1 :iconbastioncon:BastionCon 26 20
Escalation by bvknotty
Mature content
Escalation :iconbvknotty:bvknotty 239 14
All wrap up by otaku100100
Mature content
All wrap up :iconotaku100100:otaku100100 323 5


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